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E-mail marketing

M-mailer now offers a new platforms for e-mail marketing.
M-mailer is a easy to use and automation tool for e-mail marketing campaigns, the reference in e-commerce with unique features such as dynamic content

What do we offer?

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment, fast, cheap with followup information avaialble.Marketing in general and email marketing in specific is all about dialogue Important is to bring relevant informaton to the customer.. Therefore, as a marketeer, you need insight into your customer’s value and behaviour.

The job of m-mailer is to assist and support you in setting up and implementing such customer dialogues and to provide the technical resources to do this fast and good.

Email marketing webinar 8 December2010 " 9h30 GMT+1 , In this webinar you will learn how to use email marketing with our platform . To attend , sen a mail with your name and email to: contact@m-mailer.be

Tips & info

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Why choose us?

Why M-mailer is the best solution

M-Mailer is highly intuitive and has a user-friendly interface with in-depth marketing analysis and reporting

There is also a WYSIWYG HTML Message Composer and a fetch-function to automaticaly import newsletter templates

M-mailer options

M-Mailer features


The main features are

  • WYSIWYG HTML Email Message Composer
  • Personalize your mesage with mail merge trend & deliverability reporting
  • Custom sign up / registration forms
  • Easy integration so that the subscribers that visit your website are inserted direct to m-mailer

M-mailer features